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Why We Are The Best

Osiris Consultants was  set up by Adrian Challinor to focus on project management, consultancy and business process re-engineering in the maritime sector.

Osiris has now evolved in to the area of application delivery. We take ideas from the initial stage (ideation) through design and build using Agile techniques. We do server and systems engineering in Rust, and end user systems development in Java. We have experience in high performance graph database as well as conventional relational databases. Our database experience ranges from small system all the way through to petabytes systems processing 100’s of millions records per day. 


We have extensive experience the the areas of business transformation. Adrian specifically has more than 35 years’ experience, His skills include strategic architecture,  business change management, information and physical security, technical consultancy and business intelligence.


Osiris has worked in a number of sectors including water-borne Logistics, Commodity Trading and Energy/Utilities. Our clients page lists the areas we have worked. 


Adrian is a skilled negotiator, presenter, facilitator and mentor, and holds a track-record of bringing in projects on time and within budget.


Osiris prides itself on being one step ahead, not resting on past work, but always seeking new boundaries to explore. The world of IT is moving at a fast pace, and so are we.  We dedicate time to keeping up with how the world of IT is changing so we can always advise our clients accordingly. 


Osiris has worked in cyber and physical security, with specific reference to the maritime domain. We have worked with systems designed to be secure and protected. We have  also been involved with the protection of vessels in high risk areas. 


Outside work Adrian is a keen interest in Astronomy and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He has advised NASA”s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)  on some highly specific programming aspects relation to space craft modelling.

One Step Ahead

New Product Release

Statements of Facts have traditionally been delivered from Agents, Masters, or Inspectors in a variety of formats. These differ from port-to-port and vessel-to-vessel with little or no consistency. Transcribing these into a Voyage Management System (VMS) or a Laytime Calculator has long been a troublesome process, fraught with typographical errors. This results in slow processing, delays in collecting demurrage and calculation errors. SOFeXchange changes this. One single place to enter events, in real time. Intelligent processing of events assists in speed and ease of entry. A shared resource between all parties. A common location to upload Letters of Protest.


Simplify the collection of Statements of Facts and integrate into your VMS