January 2016 - October 2018

Marcura is a Dubai-based private company providing business services to the the global maritime industry. Since the launch of DA-Desk in 2001, the Marcura Group has continuously launched new services and it now has 600 employees operating out of UAE, Mumbai, UK, USA and Japan.

With his extensive knowledge of shipping and his well-developed IT and business transformation skills, Adrian was asked to join Marcura with the specific task of developing a new product to add to its growing portfolio - MarDocs. He was appointed Director of a new London-office.

MarDocs is a secure, cloud-based collaboration tool that enables Charterers, Owners and Brokers to manage fixtures and charter parties in a whole new way and with total security. It brings efficiency to a notoriously manual driven process, supports a new era of regulatory compliance, at a cost that is far exceeded by its benefits. It is positioned to become the leading repository for Fixture documents, with efficient record retention and stro9ng internal controls. It has extensive audit reporting capabilities.

Managing a team of developers and consulting with stakeholders, he brought MarDocs from initial concept to product launch within ten-months and securing the first sale to a major international oil company shortly after. MarDocs now manages all of their world-wide waterborne transportation contracts.

In mid 2017 he moved to another important role within the organisation: managing the integration of Marcura products both within the group and client’s bespoke systems. This has to be done with due regard for the confidential nature of the commercial information being exchanged. Integration tasks started by writing a policy for how applications would be designed and insome cases retro-fitted with facilities to allow for integration. After auditing where the applications work, he designed a strategy to allow for integration using specialist software. This resulted in some major work streams to implement the inteligent sharing for information between applications at the business layer, not at the shared SQL level.

In late 2018 Marcura took the decision to move all technical teams to Dubai, which is when Adrian left the company.