National Power

Reporting to the Director of Fuel Management, Adrian was the project manager for the team that designed and implemented the Fuel Management System to National Power on time, on budget, providing cost savings of between 5-10% per annum on a then annual budget of £1.5b. Delivered a one-off saving of £25M in tax charges.

The system was instaled at evry National Power generating station. It reported the quality and quantity of coal delivered, managed stocks, and handled the inventory reorder system.

Nuclear Electric

As Technical Project Leader, Adrian was responsible for the successful implementation of the Energy Management System with a high availability secure database system, dealing desk interfaces to the Power Stations and Grid control centres and links to the final stage of the power station equipment. Provable integrity and security of the control systems was crucial. This project was completed on-time and on-budget, and included the commissioning of a new computer suite and dealing desk room.

British Satellite Broadcasting

Befre its acqusition by Sky, BSB ran a 5 channel digotal Satellite TV system, based on the "squarial". Adrian was DBA for the playout planning system that prepared programmes and adverts for broadcast. This permitted programme planners to decide the times and durations of sections, with video and audio fades. The data was then downloaded in to five robotic playout machines, each storing a hundred or so Sony Betamax Profesional tapes, and 10 players.

As DBA it was Adrian's job to ensure the database ran smoothly and maintained its connection to the playout machines. Failure here would have resulted in a loss of signal to the satellite. A demanding role, that came to an abrupt end when Shy purchased BSB.

Midland Bank

Midland Bank was the fore runner of HSBC. Adrian worked as a DBA, which also included the All-in-One office automation system from Digital Equipment. In one incident a discerpancy was found in the banks reconcilliation and Adrian had to spend an Easter weekend tracking and linking emails from a number of branches to identify the issue.

Digital Equipment

Adrian worked for Digital (DEC) as a trainer. He taught: