SESHAT - Incremental cloud backup

SESHAT is a secure, fully incremental backup system for the cloud. It takes copies of any changed documents in a file system and transfers them to the cloud. At present it uses Amazon S3 and Glacier to store documents. Documents can be anything at all, there is no limit on the data or file types. All documents are stored in containers.

The key feature is that documents can be encrypted before transfer and storage. Each document is encrypted with a separate random key using AES. So even if someone gains access to the container they will be unable to access any of the content. Documents are encrypted at source, to protect them during transfer and at rest.

The system uses a fully incremental backup process. The first time it is run for a directory, file system, folder, it will take a full copy. After that, only changes are transfered. The principal is that storage in the cloud is cheap and plentiful. Think of it as a never ending tape drive! If all you want is that warm comfort that all documents are copied somewhere safe, then implement Amazon Glacier to move the containers to long term storage that is even cheaper.

The value of any backup system is directly proportional to your confidence that you can restore your data. SESHAT offers a number of ways to restore. You can restore your backed up directory (or any subdirectory) to the latest version, or to a point in time in the past. You can choose all files, or select individual files. There is an option to do a cold restore - this is when you have totally lost all data and want to do a full restore to clean media. This is some times called a bare metal restore. Depending on the features, cross platform restore is also possible.


Pricing for the premium edition is still to be agreed, but feel free to contact us for more details.