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Introducing our newest product........

A completely Digital Statement of Facts for the commercial shipping industry.


A web based product to record and digitally track the port events associated with commodity transfer.

Linux Backup

We have a high performance backup system for Linux. It does an incremental backup and detects only changed files. The data is stored in industry standard TAR files, so there is no lock in.

State - Transition Parsers

Coming soon

Linux Remote Monitors

Monitor your remote Linux systems and have the information displayed on a workstation. Works with Conky.

Database Programming(graph and relational)

We can design and build your database systems. We use all major forms of relational databases, plus we can help you adopt to high performance graph database systems

LAN connection detectors

Detect when devices are added or removed from your LAN. Ideal for device security.

The oil tanker in the high sea


Statements of Facts have traditionally been delivered from Agents, Masters, or Inspectors in a variety of formats. These differ from port-to-port and vessel-to-vessel with little or no consistency. Transcribing these into a Voyage Management System (VMS) or a Laytime Calculator has long been a troublesome process, fraught with typographical errors. This results in slow processing, delays in collecting demurrage and calculation errors. SOFeXchange changes this. One single place to enter events, in real time. Intelligent processing of events assists in speed and ease of entry. A shared resource between all parties. A common location to upload Letters of Protest.